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Apr 27

Transformation Not Privatization

Given the more than a billion dollars in missed income targets and double and triple digit percentage increases in operating costs, it seems clear that lottery privatization has not delivered the expected rewards for Illinois, Indiana or New Jersey. While privatization may not have been the answer these states were looking for, it also isn’t the problem for…

Jan 13

Dust Myself Off and Start All Over Again

The top ten lists for being a successful entrepreneur don’t usually include the explicit direction to not get sick. Perhaps it’s assumed that if an entrepreneur is going to be the CEO and the CMO and the VP of Sales and more, they’d better have health reserves to carry them through. For me, when I…

Jul 5

Much Like In Oz, There Aren’t Any Secret Answers To This Problem

                          It’s not easy, it’s not quick and it’s not simple. That’s the best I can do. The best I can do in response to all those who keep coaching me to come up with an easy three step process for the change…

May 6


Not as in “who cares?”, but as in “why does it matter?” A simple word but one with a role in helping organizations meet the rapidly evolving demands of today’s business. Headlines and industry narrative herald the potential of bigger and bigger data sets and wax poetically about the latest, greatest business intelligence, CRM, analytics…

Mar 5

I’m Sorry, I Don’t Know.

If only we all weren’t driven to please, to appear logical, smart and rational. If only we accepted that our memory fails us more than it doesn’t, that many of our decisions are made before we are aware of making them and we have little ability to know how we would react to a future…

Mar 6

If Big Data is the Goal, How Will You Know When You Are There?

Or even how to get there? Your business problem isn’t “Big Data”. Your business problem may be acquiring more customers, better understanding your customers’ needs, optimizing your distribution channels or any number of the challenges (and opportunities) that exist for businesses today. With data you may be able to better address these, in amazing and…

Nov 6

It Isn’t Her Path To Purchase

It’s your path to a sale. We often use phrases such as “moment of truth” and “path to purchase” when referring to customers and how they interact with products, follow a path to purchase and ultimately make the decision to buy. These terms, and the processes and principles behind them, have proven invaluable as marketers…