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Oct 21

What’s The Secret To Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Marketing?

First, the bad news. There isn’t a secret. There isn’t a quick and easy way to turn your data into value. There isn’t a one-size fits all software to be implemented or a book or company out there (including Codei) that can, overnight, transform your organization. And even though there are 1.8B returns when you…

Oct 14

Are You Caught Juggling?

I don’t know that there is a person who hasn’t watched with wonder a juggler. Whether it be balls, blades or bats, it is a mental and physical feat that not everyone can accomplish. His attention is singularly on the movement of the balls and their alignment with a relatively fixed trajectory. If a ball…

Oct 4

Start At The Very Beginning

It’s “People, People, People” that make the difference when it comes to getting the most from your data, but how do they get started? With the right approach, leveraging data will help an organization be better, faster and more efficient at every facet of meeting the needs of their always connected and in control customers….

Sep 27

With All Due Respect, It Isn’t Data, Data, Data.

This may seem a strange second post for a company that seeks to help its customers envision and execute data-driven, customer-centric marketing. But it is true, it isn’t data, data, data any more than it is social, social, social or content, content, content. Data is a piece of the future, granted an important piece, but…

Sep 19

Here We Go. Giving it Your All and Being Accountable.

On this Monday evening, I am watching the Eagles and Washington players give it their all. They are fighting until there is no longer a possibility of turning the pending L to a W (or the reverse). Even today, I love football, with a bit less ardor than years past, but I love it nonetheless….

Sep 18

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